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8 Reasons Why a Safari is Every Honeymooners Dream Holiday

Going on a safari trip is an experience everyone should enjoy. Waking up in the vast wild plains of the Serengeti to the chirping sounds of birds, the galloping of zebras and the distant roar of lions. The natural rhythm of the Tanzanian wilderness makes it an idyllic setting for newlyweds looking to celebrate their new life together. After all, the honeymoon is a period of pure bliss and unforgettable moments, so what better way than to experience it in one of the most amazing places on the planet. A safari trip is no doubt one of the best options for honeymoon couples as if offers all the exclusive packages. Here are 8 reasons why a safari trip wins the hearts of honeymoon couples over. 

1. Privacy

After the wedding bells have long rung and the better for worse dialogues have been uttered, after party at the wedding reception, the couples just can't wait to shut everyone out and enjoy there time together. The safari trip allows all the privacy honeymooners need. It's like a therapy session for the couples. They can either opt for a tent in the wild or book an exclusive private safari lodge accommodation and enjoy the views of the wilderness. The only sounds they are exposed to is the gentle breeze of the wilderness, birds singing and there voices. A safari offers enchanted elements of fun and adventure strictly on private trips. What else can you ask for? 

2. Romantic Dining In The Wild

You already know how hard fixing dinner dates with our loved ones can be in real life especially with our busy schedule. We have to sacrifice our time to make sure our spouse is happy. A safari trip offers a far better fairytale romantic dining experience with your better half, the kind you can only see in the movies. All you have to do is just walk into a ready-made exclusive dining experience in the middle of the vast safari wilderness. A full course meal with champagne and candle lights watching the wonderful night sky. Or even an afternoon picnic with some red wine surrounded by the natural beauty of the safari wilderness.

3. Amazing Videos And Photographs 

Be the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett of your own honeymoon movie. Make amazing videos and take beautiful pictures of the wild animals in there natural habitat, the mode of survival of various species such as the migration of the wildebeest from the vast Serengeti plains in Tanzania to Maasai regions in Kenya. Make videos of game drives, hot air ballooning, and other videos of the inexhaustible features the wilderness. Couples get to make a documentary that they will serve as a souvenir to constantly relive their experience in the wilderness and also inspire lots of other prospective honeymooners to opt for a life-changing honeymoon safari trips. 

4. Breathtaking Game Drives

A safari trip without a game drive is like smoke without fire. The point is, both go hand in the hand. Honeymooners get to enjoy a game drive in the 4X4 truck around the vast safari wilderness. They get to view the struggle for survival of various wildlife creatures like leopard, lions, cheetahs, tigers, hyenas, zebras, rhinos, elephants, buffalo, hippos and many more. The game drive allows you and your spouse to have a closer affinity with nature. 

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5. Break From The Norm

Most honeymooners for there own reasons would want to go for a honeymoon vacation in another city in a hotel. While the experience might be good, it's still the same cliche experience you left back home. You still have access to phone calls from family members and business associates. A safari trip defies all the technology of the commercial world and restores you back to your roots as a natural being. The trips allow honeymoon couples to bond in a natural setting. 

6. Hot Air Balloon Safaris

What's more romantic than suspending at 2,300 feet from the earth having a bird's eye view of the vast wilderness with your spouse? The safari trip is the only time you get to indulge in such an exhilarating experience. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that its a plan executed during your honeymoon with your partner in adventure. 

7. Relishing Local Delicacies

You can't possibly embark on a honeymoon vacation without trying out the local meals of your host community. Delighting your taste buds with a variety of local meals with your spouse in the wilderness spices up your honeymoon experience on a whole new level. 

8. Enjoy Cultural Displays

Partaking in the cultural ritual and entertainment from your host community brightens your honeymoon. You become tuned off from what you have been used to and get to experience a different type of sound and cultural display from different people. 

Your honeymoon is one of those once in a lifetime experiences! Planning and going through the wedding ceremony can be exhausting enough, so opting for a honeymoon safari trip is a perfect way for you and your spouse some time to refresh and recuperate your bodies and minds. Also, the package is designed to ensure you and your spouse are engaged the whole period of your honeymoon with a variety of attractions and leisure activities. Talk to us about your safari honeymoon plans today!

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